About the War

WAR ON BOOKS is a pop-up, mobile bookstore and micro-press with a focus on independent, radical literature. With a curated selection of small press publications, avant-garde experimentalists, political antagonists, progressive psychology, restorative agriculture, and more, we strive to bring new, underground, and underrepresented books and ideas to the public.

Like the so-called "War on Drugs," "War on Terror," and "War on Christmas," War On Books also poses an ideological threat to what some might say are stagnant American values.

A former American President once said "[b]ooks cannot be killed by fire... Books are weapons in the war of ideas," yet, today, in the United States, new and old books alike are continually banned and quite literally burned as the ideas printed on their pages threaten a system they cling to for dear life — a system that doesn't, and never at all did, work.

The ruling class is depriving us of the very weapons we need to fight them. War On Books fights back.

Whose side are you on?