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Belfie Hell, by Shane Jesse Christmas

Belfie Hell, by Shane Jesse Christmas

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“Much like Ballard’s Dr. Vaughan, Shane Jesse Christmass bloodily collides with the whole of modern civilization, mangling it into something freshly grotesque and barely recognizable. Professional killers, jet-setters, and ‘the underage guy James Franco fucked’ all mingle, gobble drugs and drink in the spoils of the globalized economy, side-eyeing hunger riots and noxious coalmines. ‘Email my sunken chest. I have no ancestry, no sense of where I’m from or where I belong.’

Belfie Hell is a travelogue of a world reduced to mere information, our surroundings rendered frightening and alien; a world too cluttered to effectively parse. It’s a novel trapped in an endless cycle of expansion and contraction, destruction and revision, like an auto-immune disorder forcing the host-body to attack itself until it becomes something new and frightening.”

-B.R. Yeager, author of “Amygdalatropolis”

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