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El Tarot Deck: Millennial Lotería Edition

Blue Star Press97819509686401

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The classic game of Lotería drew a lot of inspiration from the ancient practice of Tarot. This deck explores the similarities between these two timeless traditions with a modern twist—finally reuniting these long lost primos to help you reconnect with your Latinx magic.
One common misconception is that Tarot is a practice used only to predict the future, but this Millennial Lotería Tarot Deck is specifically designed to help you better understand your present and get in touch with your heritage. The only person in charge of your future is you, so the guidebook accompanying this 78-card tarot deck focuses on self-reflection and inspiration for your goals, all done with a sprinkle of Millennial Lotería humor.
El Tarot Deck includes:
• 22 illustrated Major Arcana cards and 56 pip cards, all inspired by the artwork of Millennial Lotería
• Instructional guidebook with humorous, light-hearted interpretations of the up and down readings of each card
• Sturdy storage box and thick paperweight so the cards are durable and hold up well after repeated usage