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Erase the Patriarchy: An Anthology of Erasure Poetry

Erase the Patriarchy: An Anthology of Erasure Poetry

University of Hell9781938753374

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History is history.

The uncompromising, oppressive, outdated reins of patriarchy plaguing the entire world have never been more obvious—and perhaps never more in need of dismantling. Inspired, seemingly tireless people across the globe have always banded together in solidarity and action hell-bent on change. Sometimes this change is rooted in policy reform, sometimes revolution—and often artistic expression.

Within this gorgeous volume of erasure artworks exist differing cultural experiences connected by the desire for paradigm shift on a global political scale. Familiar statements and treatises are transformed into poetic versions of what reality looks like or could become for many of us stuck in a vicious machine. This international artistic appeal rips apart layers of deception, inequity, and fraud perpetuated by systems of power. Erasing what no longer serves us can reveal another avenue from which to begin.

Ashely Adams, Amy Ash, Victorio Reyes Asili, Andrea Avery, Stacey Balkun, Iris Miriam Bloomfield, Chelsea Margaret Bodnar, Meghann Boltz, Liz Bowen, Tara Shea Burke, sally burnette, Tara Campbell, Zann Carter, Shane Jesse Christmass, Caitlin Cowan, Krista Cox, Laura Desiano, Caitlin M. Downs, Deborah Fass, Caren Florance, Kegan Gaspar, Sarah Gerard, Callie Gill, Tracy Gold, Elisabeth Mehl Greene, Meg E. Griffitts, Raye Hendrix, Joel Larson, Katie Manning, Christopher Martinez, Kate Middleton, Ash Miranda, Rachel Anna Neff, Genevieve Pfeiffer, Marcella Prokop, Adra Raine, Sarah Lyn Rogers, Maggie Rosenau, Ki Russell, Elizabeth Schmuhl, Jerrod Schwarz, kip shanks, Melinda Smith, Kitty Stryker, Rachel Sucher, Addie Tsai, Jodi Versaw, Alex Vigue, Tyler Vile, Emily Walling, Logan K. Young, Abigail Zimmer
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