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Five Principles of Green Witchcraft, by Asa West

Five Principles of Green Witchcraft, by Asa West

Gods & Radicals9781732552388

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In an era of climate change and late capitalism, when everything sacred is paved over or commodified, how do you attune yourself to the rhythms of nature? How do you listen for—and hear—the language of the land on which you live? How do you push your magical practice beyond rote rituals into true communion with the spirits around you?

This short book explores green witchcraft through the lens of five principles:

1. The Forest Speaks with One Voice (unity)
2. Twilight Precedes Starlight (liminality)
3. Witchcraft Lives in the Body (embodiment)
4. The Witch Always Pays Her Coin (reciprocity)
5. The Goddess Reveals Herself in Silence (silence)

Originally published as a wildly popular and sold-out zine, Gods & Radicals Press now offers Five Principles of Green Witchcraft by special arrangement with the author.

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