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Honey Slides, by Adam Gnade & Youthmovies

Hello America Stereo Cassette

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The Adam Gnade and Youthmovies EP Honey Slides was written on tour in England, improvised during drunken collaborative sets, and recorded on a chilly, gray day at Oxfordshire's Warehouse Studios while a bottle of port and spliffs (for certain band members) were passed around the room. A full-on culture clash, the music is like an American marching band playing an early 2000s British rave. Thumping micro-house morphs into a psychedelic brass band while landscapes of android ghost beats emerge from luminous pools of ambient noise. The vocals bark and yelp in ecstatic tones. Ideas and images cycle back, flashing brief visions of haunted wilderness, rising seas, decadent youth, faith healers, urban decay, and midnight carnivals in torch-lit clearings. A new animal born to six mothers, an engaging, weird, dancy, absorbing, freaked-out electronic pop tapestry.