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In Pursuit of Revolutionary Love: Precarity, Power, Communities

In Pursuit of Revolutionary Love: Precarity, Power, Communities

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Joy James's Revolutionary Love is umph-degree love; or love beyond measure. It is anything love. It is love without reckoning. It is love that dares all things, beyond which others may find the spirit-force to survive; to live to fight another day. Such love is also fighting itself, for the sake of ensuring that others may live.
—Mumia Abu-Jamal

To take the path of Revolutionary Love is to take a risk. It means walking the razor's edge. This is not a politics of the heart, not a politics of charity. No need for self-love or self-pity--it's enough to know where you stand, to embody that moment 'just before hate' and, with the energy of despair, to ward off the worst.
—Houria Bouteldja

Rooted in community-activism and the ways in which 'history is always instructive', Joy James is clear that she is 'always thinking about and in the community.' In Pursuit of Revolutionary Love is a beautiful and effective articulation and representation of those commitments.
—Kathryn Sophia Belle

"Violence is arrayed against me because I’m Black, or female, or queer, or undocumented. There is no rescue team coming for us. With that knowledge, we need a different operational base to recreate the world. It is not going to be a celebrity savior. Never was, never will be. If you’re in a religious tradition that is millennia-old, consider how the last savior went out. It was always going to be bloody. It was always going to be traumatic. But there’s a beauty to facing the reality of our lives. Not our lives as they’re broken apart, written about and then sold back to us in academic or celebrity discourse. But our lives as we understand them. The most important thing is showing up. Showing up and learning how to live by and with others, learning how to reinvent ourselves in this increasing wasteland. That’s the good life."

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