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My Mind is not a Billboard /// What's Your Favorite TV Show, by Sam Pink

Hello America Stereo Cassette

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"The poems on this cassette are intensely relatable and deeply moving. They gesture wildly toward the frustrating and bizarre without ever becoming cynical, not even for a second. Instead, Pink can’t help but see joy and power in the chaotic, the absurd, and the mundane. That’s a rare and valuable quality for a human in the 21st Century. This is exactly why Sam Pink is a hero of contemporary American literature and art. He draws energy and life from the crumbling world around him, but he doesn’t keep it to himself. No—he’s always generous. He distributes everything he has like a clown throwing out parade candy.

If you’ve read Pink’s books before, then you can’t wait to push that play button and hear the poet’s work in his own voice. If this cassette marks your initiation into Pink’s world, then the rest of us envy you. We wish we could go back and hear his words for the first time. Savor it. Be surprised at the way these poems surprise you." -Nathaniel Kennon Perkins