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Pagan Anarchism, by Christopher Scott Thompson

Gods & Radicals9780996987738

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A revolt led by a faerie queen...
Factories destroyed by elves...
Slave revolts led by a god of ecstasy... Landlords poisoned by witches....
Uprisings initiated by a goddess of ame... Fantastic myths...
or a blueprint for revolution?

Pagan Anarchism is a history and a manifesto for magicians, witches, rebels, and heretics seeking to fight capitalism and authority with the help of the spirits, the land, and the dead.

Pagan Anarchism explores the history of anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist movements and discovers alongside them a fierce Pagan rebellion against the State.

Witchpunks, rebels, magicians, and revolutionaries will find this book both a compelling history and an inspiring manifesto.