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Prairie Girl Collective

Prairie Girl Collective

Hello America Stereo Cassette

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Collection of work from the Prairie Girl Collective, featuring Madison N. Taylor, Kayla McCutcheon, Danielle Richardson, and Natahna Bargen-Lema.

Originally released on e-book/e-literature format by our friends Party Trick Press, Prairie Girl Collective is a collection of writing on rural life by four good friends. Based around the themes of "Womanhood," "Girlhood," "Motherhood," and "Sisterhood," these short pieces are heavy, beautiful, graceful, and important.

They're also evocative of a place--the windswept prairie, the country roads, the bramble, and weeds. Theirs is gorgeous writing that doesn't hesitate to look the various demons, inner-wars, and hard realities of life direct in the eye with a spirit that says, "Here I am" in the bravest of ways.
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