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Put Me On a Dog Leash and Make Me Eat Taco Bell Off the Floor, by Nathaniel Kennon Perkins

Hello America Stereo Cassette

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"There is a special kind of magic spun by the stories on this cassette. Listening to Nathaniel Kennon Perkins read his work, you are taken into this strange, warm, safe, close, healthy realm. You feel good. You feel taken care of. Which is weird because often these stories are dark as hell or deal with gross-ass shit that should make you feel uncomfortable. Hearing a Nathaniel Kennon Perkins story, you are made into a sibling of his; a few words in and you’re his loving big brother listening to accounts of awful violence, hilarious misadventures, and various forms of deep shit that is always beautiful-rendered—laid-out in sentences that are graceful, clean, and absolutely flawless no matter how sad or painful the subject matter. The spell is cast. The magic settles over you like gold dust drifting down from above. And once you are in his clutches, you are his. (BUT … he is also yours.) Nate’s tape, Put Me on a Dog Leash and Make Me Eat Taco Bell Off the Floor, is both funny as shit and a hard road to take—a world where you are put in position to see the brutality and callousness of humanity, our failures and bad habits, the awkward relationships, the shit ways we treat each other. Mostly you’ll laugh. You’ll laugh and you’ll shudder and you’ll feel good about Nate, the world, and yourself. This is a true wizard’s skill." –Adam Gnade