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Remaking Society, by Murray Bookchin

Remaking Society, by Murray Bookchin

AK Press9781849354424

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According to Murray Bookchin, a humane solution to the climate crisis will require replacing industrial capitalism with an egalitarian, ecological society; decentralized democratic communities; and sustainable technologies. Drawing on rich traditions of ecological science, anthropology, history, utopian philosophy, and ethics, Remaking Society offers a coherent framework for social and ecological reconstruction. This innovative work on nature and society provides readers with clear strategies for averting disaster.

In their foreword to this new edition of Remaking Society, Marina Sitrin and Debbie Bookchin show that remaking is a continuing project: “If hierarchy has deeply wounded our relationships with each other and the natural world, capitalism has plunged a knife that much more deeply into the wound. Capitalism, [Bookchin] believes, has distorted every aspect of political, social, and even personal life.… Our challenge then is to build movements everywhere that will preserve and expand our innate creativity and eradicate any tendencies toward hierarchy, status, or other forms of domination.”

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