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The World of Today and the World of Tomorrow, by Adam Gnade

The World of Today and the World of Tomorrow, by Adam Gnade

Hello America Stereo Cassette

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"I spent the spring of 2021 writing about how life was, how the rainstorms came every few days, about the spring birds, about the fields and the skies, and about the people living here at the farm and the world outside our boundaries—the mass shootings, our political division, and the uncertainty a lot of us felt (and still feel) about our future.

Those short pieces became The World of Today and the World of Tomorrow. I recorded the writing and the accompanying music in one of the upstairs rooms of the Ruby Teeth Homestead farmhouse while life went on in the next room and downstairs and outside. In these recordings, you will hear the voices of the five people who lived here this spring. You will hear the storms outside—thunder, rain speckling the window glass, the heaviness of spring weather as winter fades to memory. You’ll also hear the sounds of the house settling, doors creaking open and pressing shut, laughter, footsteps, songs sung overheard, conversations, dogs barking and roosters crowing, and wind whistling around the walls. This is very much a documentation of a place and a time.

Using a Tascam Pocket Studio, I recorded my speaking voice reading aloud along with synth, mountain dulcimer, acoustic and electric guitar, piano, organ, chime box, Judy Harp, and four-string guitar, then added to that a series of multi-tracked noise experiments that serve to capture the feeling of being in an old farmhouse on the prairie in spring with five people during a time when there was both peace (here) and chaos (also here, and everywhere else).

The music was inspired by John Fahey, the Album Leaf’s first improvisational recordings, Bright Eyes’ Letting Go of the Happiness record, David Berman’s Silver Jews, my great-grandmother’s old country mixtapes, Castanets’ City of Refuge and Cathedral, Aldous Harding, Jackie O’Motherfucker, Jonquil’s Sunny Casinos, and Inca Ore (as well as the many [and mostly forgotten] Portland noise and drone artists I would watch at the Tube when I lived in Oregon).
It’s a very personal thing, this one. It’s also warm, noisy, cluttered, happy, loving, shambled, drowsy, and often very dark. Listen to it on headphones, and do so alone or you’ll miss a lot. With all its layers of noise, this will sound like garbage when heard in a crowded room or outside or over the speakers of a car stereo. The World of Today and the World of Tomorrow is for you alone (or you and someone you can trust to keep quiet for a half hour). Those are your only instructions. Beyond them, this is out of my hands, and like that, I send it into the world with hope for its fortune."
–Adam Gnade 
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