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Trance Poetics: Your Writing Mind, by Kristin Prevallet

Trance Poetics: Your Writing Mind, by Kristin Prevallet

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Access heightened states of consciousness to enliven and expand your creative process.

"Trance Poetics poses neurological frameworks for entering such mysterious realms as divine inspiration, epiphany, metaphor, free association and automatic writing. As Prevallet takes the reader on a wild brain-mapping adventure, she continuously traces a history of language that reifies the power of poetic intelligence." - Marissa Perel

"Trance Poetics is a magnificent guide to hidden sources of linguistic happiness. Kristin Prevallet gives inspiring, practical advice on how to invigorate one’s creative practice, and how to rediscover the delight of unfettered play. This book—a magical toolkit—has the power to reawaken dormant verbal resources in all of us. Rapture and gratitude are logical responses to the gift that Trance Poetics bestows on its lucky readers." - Wayne Koestenbaum

"Drawing from the fields of clinical hypnosis, neuroscience, energy psychology, and poetics TRANCE POETICS: YOUR WRITING MIND will stimulate your creative and intellectual processes and give you new ways to access the images, memories, feelings, and language that lie beneath the surface of your conscious awareness. You will learn how to use your creative processes to communicate with your body to both generate creative material and move through emotional blocks. A guide into the world of poetry, language, and consciousness this book will bring a freshness and authenticity to your writing process. "Is there a more important—or more necessary—vocation for poets today than showing others a way to process for themselves the epiphanic possibilities of our beautiful, difficult existence? To experience these beautiful difficulties, as Kristin suggests in these pages, in ways that reconfigure one's most deeply-held beliefs regarding self and world? Trance Poetics: Your Writing Mind is more than just a navigational tool for poets; it is handbook of epiphanic possibilities for absolutely everyone interested in living fully alive." - Sharon Mesmer

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