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How Long Can the Moon Be Caged?: Voices of Indian Political Prisoners

Pluto Press9780745347981

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Silencing and punishing critical voices is a project that lies at the heart of Modi’s authoritarian regime in India.

In this unique book, Suchitra Vijayan and Francesca Recchia look at present-day India through the lived experiences of political prisoners. Combining political and legal analysis with firsthand testimonies, the authors explore the small gestures that constitute resistance inside and outside jail for the prisoners and their families, telling a story of the destruction of institutions and erosion of rights.

How Long Can the Moon Be Caged? includes visual testimonies and prison writings from those falsely accused of inciting the Bhima Koregaon violence, by student leaders opposing the new discriminatory citizenship law passed in 2020 and by activists from the Pinjra Tod’s movement. In bringing together these voices, the book celebrates the courage, humanity and moral integrity of those jailed for standing in solidarity with marginalised and oppressed communities.