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Apocalypse Blues, by Raya Tuffaha

Apocalypse Blues, by Raya Tuffaha

Plan B Press

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Living on the 'threshold of the apocalypse,' Tuffaha spell-bindingly combines legends and the intimate image, collapsing the distance between dread and hope, the personal and myth. Tuffaha grasps for an emergent imagination greater than hope, the certainty that we can mend the fractured world we are damned to inherit.

– Azura Mizan Tyabji, Dear Azula I Have a Crush on Danny Phantom

apocalypse blues is a whimsical unraveling of what it means to grow comfortable with yourself. Raya playfully weaves storytelling and prose as she navigates the most human experiences; loneliness, loss of personhood, grief, and anger, as each turn of the page sparks an ember guiding us closer to the home within ourselves. These poems are truly the beginning moments of sustenance in the healing process for any person that has been torn down, left hopeless, and abandoned. May these poems be your break of sunshine that restores your faith as it did mine.

– Bitaniya Giday, former Seattle Youth Poet Laureate, author of Motherland

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