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With, by Kenning JP Garcia

With, by Kenning JP Garcia

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"Kenning JP García is one of the most innovative, most important writers we have right now. They are a personal hero to me, an icon, someone whose work I always keep an eye on. Kenning doesn't push boundaries because that implies their work is still limited by boundaries. Kenning knows all about boundaries, but does not waste time on them. With is that kind of work, something people will label and mislabel over and over again. It isn't even a book to me. It's something more important. It's an interjection. A shard lodging itself into the outline of my life until my body is reformed, letting me know new beautiful things are being born, even if I don't yet know its name."

Chiwan Choi, author of THE YELLOW HOUSE

"Sad, lovely and as always whip smart, García's WITH contains sharp, complex lines, "Some cafés are all chatter. Kindness comes in odd dosages. Strangers ain't so bad when one gets sad enough to settle for anybody." This diary/anti-poetry collection will stick with you for the long haul"

Erika T. Wurth, author of WHITEHORSE

"The world ghosts the ghosts it gives life to." So states the speaker of Kenning JP García's restlessly experimental With, which hovers in the space between poetry and prose - between "diary" and "antipoetry," as the title asserts. Throughout, García exhibits a remarkable capacity for innovation, deploying puns, slant rhymes, and other forms of sonic play to induce a vertiginous semiosis that leaves the reader "ghosted" between shadows of potential meaning. In the spectral interchange between signifier and sign, then, is a desire to think one meaning with another, one semantic layer pressed sometimes uncomfortably against the next. In so doing, García offers an incisive exploration not only of the fraught nature of meaning-making, but of our (we come to find) unsettled notions of what it means to think and be."

John James, author of THE MILK HOURS

"This book reaches over and dips its fries in your frosty, and you're ok with that, because the book says fuck you, but ina cool way, and all you can say is... You got it. Kenning JP García has got it in a way none of the rest of us do."

Kelsey Marie Harris, author of BURY YOUR HORSES, SPIT (VERB) IN MY MOUTH, and SEX WOUND

"'All stories are ghost stories and all letters are love letters or maybe it's some other way around,' writes Kenning JP Garcia. And this book is, at once, ghost story and love letter. Each entry seems epistolary in quality, but the drift of mind is ephemeral. I am delighted to examine each new twist beyond the next asterisk. A haunting literary exposition."


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